Join us at the 6th edition of PopMid from 28 September until 2 October, 2017

PopMid 2016 was a huge succes.

More than 70 companies attended PopMid 2016, with some interesting newcomers making their debut appearance. Edition 2016 surely has to be the most successful PopMid ever, with more people and businesses than ever attending, literally from all around the world. Let's go for the win in 2017 and keep PopMid the perfect alternative to the established trade shows!

We thank all sponsors and attendees for their support and hope that our little gathering allowed you to meet old - and make new - friends, energized you and your business and opened previously closed doors to new clients and opportunities worldwide.

Booking for the 2017 edition will open very soon now. Until then, keep checking the website for updates and news on your favourite music industry trade show.

Come visit PopMid 2017...

...and enjoy the many benefits:

  • Meet business partners from the entire music industry spectrum
  • A pleasant, open and informal setting at a nice location
  • No travel to and from your hotel to the tradeshow; your hotel room is in the same building
  • Very cost-effective - cheap even - especially compared to other music industry trade shows
  • Family and friends are welcome to holiday at the same resort with free access to one of the most spectacular water parks in Europe nextdoor - a unique opportunity to take your partner and/or children with you on your business trip
  • Informal events with included dinner and transport

PopMid, a very different Music Industry tradeshow!

Join us at the 6th edition in Quarteira, Portugal

PopMid is a Music Industry tradeshow with a twist. It has no specific focus or theme and hosts the entire industry spectrum, from physical sales and distribution, content creation, management and licensing, consultancy, to digital services, distribution and promotion.

PopMid was founded in response to the high entrance fees for established music industry trade shows and conferences, the decreasing features and services these offer, the declining attendance over the last couple of years and the diminishing returns these issues result in. We hear more and more from people and companies who are now seriously considering not attending the bigger trade shows…

PopMid is hosted in a modern and spacious hotel in the Algarve region on the southern coast of Portugal (Southern Europe), offering all facilities to meet your business partners from all over the world, showcase your products and meet new clients, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

PopMid offers comparable facilities to other tradeshows, but is significantly cheaper. The low entrance fees include your stay in one of the spacious hotel rooms for the duration of your attendance. The trade show floor is literally just steps away from your room.

PopMid takes place on the premises of a modern and spacious 4-star resort in Quarteira, in the wonderful Algarve region on the southern coast of Portugal, half an hour's drive from Faro International Airport.

Accomodation is in the same hotel. In fact, when you register your attendance, a room will be booked automatically for you for the duration of your stay. You can state your preferences on the booking form, such as room requirements, number of rooms for your company, number of people per room, extra days before and after the fair (extending your stay in the hotel for preparation, leisure etc.)

Each year, we have communal opening and closing events at a small additional cost. The opening event usually involves a dinner and the closing event a trip in the Algarve. Both offer plenty of opportunity for networking. These events are optional, but participating is highly appreciated.

A big shout-out to our sponsors!

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