Join us at the 7th edition of PopMid from 26 September until 1 October, 2018


The heart and soul of PopMid is Frank van Vliet, a music entrepeneur from The Netherlands. Observing a need amongst his peers for a cheaper and more cheerful music industry tradeshow, he planted - along with some of his fellows - a seed called Sol Musica in Alicante (Spain). This would grow out to become PopMid. Seven years after the first edition, PopMid is now recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Frank receives a lot of assistance from his partner and co-host, Margot Henze and some further assistance from Ronald Eekhoff and Eric van Oort at The Source (a digital music distribution company from The Netherlands), who also provide the technical backbone of the operation. Locally in Portugal, Frank gets help from music entrepeneur Abilio Silva.


    PopMid is a small-scale and not-for-profit gathering for professionals in the music industry. Frequented mostly by physical distribution businesses, PopMid really is trade-agnostic; anyone within the entire scope of the industry is more than welcome to come and do business. The compact location and holiday-esque atmosphere make for a pleasurable experience; doing business and meeting peers in the most relaxed way possible. Despite the quiet proceedings, you get many of the perks of the big tradeshows without any of the drawbacks, at a fraction of the cost.

    No booths. Just pick a table somewhere in the large outside area by the pool, display your promotional material and sit down with your clients or business partners. If you need special accomodation, such as display space, a fixed spot for promotional purposes or a private meeting area, please let us know. Note that facilities of this sort are pretty limited.

    Being a relatively new tradeshow, attendance was around 150 visitors last year. Taking into account the exponential growth witnessed over the years, we expect attendees to flock to the registration page once it opens, so be quick and secure your place!


      PopMid takes place at hotel-resort "Aquashow Park Hotel" in Quarteira, Portugal. Not far from international airport Faro and very close to tourist hotspots Villamoura and Albufeira, it is located centrally in the lovely Algarve region along the Atlantic coast in the South.

      Address: Aquashow Park Hotel Quarteira, Semino, Estrada Nacional 396, 8125-303 Quarteira, Portugal

        Transport and accommodation

        Travelling to PopMid is straightforward. Just book a flight into Faro Airport. Travel from the airport to the hotel can be arranged in various ways. You can book a (very cheap) transfer directly from us, rent a car with a nice discount through us, or take an Uber. Public transport and taxi services are also available but not nearly as convenient and cost-effective as the above options.

        Attendance at PopMid is coupled with a stay in the same hotel. This has a number of advantages: the hotel lets us use their grounds as the tradeshow floor for cheap, everybody gets a large discount and travel between PopMid and your accomodation is not necessary. Just take the elevator down from your room. It is possible to stay somewhere else and still attend PopMid, but keep in mind that your entrance fee will be higher.

        The twin rooms are modern, clean and spacious. Double beds are standard, adjacent rooms can be merged into family rooms and cots for infants can be rented. When you register your attendance, the number of rooms necessary for your party will be automatically booked. Keep in mind that these must be separately paid for directly to/at the hotel.

          Events and leisure

          Traditionally, we host an opening dinner and a closing event. This year, the opening dinner on Wednesday, September 26th takes place at NoSoloAgua in Portimao. Transfer by coach, a buffet dinner and drinks are included. The closing event on Saturday, September 29th is traditionally a bit of a touristy outing. This year, you can choose between a speedboat trip with a chance at spotting dolphins or a kayak trip along the Algarve cliffs. Attending these events is completely optional, but your presence is very much appreciated. See the Events page for more info.

          Tentative efforts to offer some sporting events are currently undertaken by various PopMid regulars, such as a football (soccer for our American guests) tournament on Sunday morning.

          Obviously, PopMid is first and foremost a business-focused venture. However, we do encourage you to come a little earlier, stay a little longer, or both and explore the good things that Portugal has to offer. The landscape is spectacular, the food to die for and there is so much to do. Shopping, golf, visiting historical sites. We also encourage you to take your partner, family and/or friends with you. Especially for them, we even created a non-professional guest category with a reduced attendance fee. During your stay at the hotel, the adjacent water park and all of the hotel facilities are freely accessible for you and your guests.


            PopMid is by far the cheapest music industry tradeshow you can attend. We have no incentive to make money from our visitors, we just want to create the best atmoshere and facilities to do business with our peers from all around the world.

            Attendance fees:

            • Company registration, including attendance for one person: 100 €
            • Every extra attendee for the company: 25 €
            • Non-professional visitor (such as partners, friends, children, family travelling along for leisure): 10 €

            Note: it is not possible to take non-professional visitors without booking them through this site. People not booked in advance will be refused access to the hotel grounds. Also note that people registered as non-professional visitors receive no badge and are not allowed to take part in tradeshow proceedings. They are more than welcome to join the opening dinner and closing event though, and are free to use the water park and all hotel facilities at any time.

            Hotel rooms:

            Registration includes an automatic and mandatory hotel booking for the number of nights and rooms required by your company. Double rooms are 80 € per room per night, which includes a comprehensive breakfast buffet for up to two people. The bill for this needs to be paid directly to/at the hotel. PopMid only facilitates the booking, not the payment.

            Attendance fees without booking a stay at the Aquashow Park Hotel:

            You are free to book your own accomodation nearby and travel to and from the Aquashow Park hotel to attend PopMid. However, due to the package deal we have with the hotel, your company registration will be more expensive:

            • Company registration, including attendance for one person: 150 €
            • Every extra attendee for the company: 25 €

            Note that, in this scenario, it is not possible to take a non-professional visitor (such as partners, friends, children, family travelling along for leisure) to the hotel grounds, or make use of the free waterpark offer.


            The opening dinner and closing event are 55 € per person each. This price includes transport to and from these events.


            Any questions, remarks, special requests or tips whatsoever? Please send us an email at: