Join us at the 6th edition of PopMid from 28 September until 2 October, 2017

Where is PopMid?

The fair takes place on the premises of a modern and spacious 4-star resort in Quarteira on the southern coast of Portugal, half an hour drive from Intl. Faro Airport. Click here for a look at the hotel. It is a family holiday hotel, which (at the end of the tourist season) is open exclusively to us during PopMid.

When is PopMid?

PopMid 2016 will take place from Thursday 29 September until Sunday october 2nd, 2016.

Where do I stay during PopMid?

In your own room in the same hotel. In fact, when you register your attendance here, a room will be booked automatically for you for the duration of your stay. You can state your preferences on the booking form, such as room requirements, number of rooms for your company, number of people per room, extra days before and after the fair (extending your stay in the hotel for preparation, leisure etc.)

Note: you cannot book your room directly from the hotel for your stay during PopMid.

If you want to attend PopMid, but wish to stay at a different location, please contact us here to make arrangements.

Can I construct a booth, display or set up some advertising?

PopMid’s philosophy has always been to have a “fluid” trade show floor. You just pick a spot somewhere in the lobby or on the terrace (or even in the pool), lay down your samples or marketing materials and sit down with your clients or business partners. If you want a custom set up which involves more than reasonably sized banners, posters or commercial samples, please contact us here, since arrangements have to be made with hotel staff to accommodate this and find a suitable spot on the premises. Also, keep in mind that you are responsible for your own materials. PopMid has no rental facilities for exhibition materials; you’d have to source those locally or bring them with you.

If you want to advertise, you could also consider sponsoring PopMid.

What does it cost?

Actually, very little! Especially when compared to the big established music industry trade shows. Check out our pricing, including an example calculation.

Portugal is nice! The hotel is nice! The price is good! Can I bring my family, colleagues or friends for non-business leisure?

Absolutely, just state the number of extra persons and rooms when booking your attendance. Traditionally, this is encouraged by PopMid under the notion of mixing business with pleasure and many attendees bring their partners and children. In fact, the adjacent spectacular waterpark remains open during PopMid Until the end of September and freely accessible for all PopMid attendees and their company. Besides that, the Algarve region has much to offer. Also, each year, leisure activities are organized by both PopMid and the hotel. Please note that, contrary to some earlier PopMid editions, non-business visitors are required to be booked via the booking form and pay a small entrance fee of 10€

Are there any events organized at PopMid?

Each year, we have communal opening and closing events. The opening event usually involves a dinner and the closing event a trip in the Algarve. Both offer plenty of opportunity for networking. These events are optional. Please indicate during booking whether you like to attend. See Program for more.